APE 50


The APE 50 - More in Less Space

The Ape 50 is the smallest and most versatile range of commercial vehicles available today. Parking and accessibility are never a problem, even in the tightest city centre streets.

For its size and fuel economy, its payload capacity is unrivalled (up to 200 Kg or 1.5 m3). With its easily accessible platform, the generous space of the van version and the young style of the Cross, Ape 50 offers practically limitless solutions.

Moreover, conversions into coffee merchandising vehicles or mobile advertising vehicles make the APE 50 a truly versatile vehicle at unbeatable value.

The APE TM - Optimised Workhorse

The definitive workhorse Ape, offering unparalleled versatility and impressive payload capacity. A choice of extremely fuel efficient petrol engines make the TM nimble, economic and capable of covering any medium or long range route quickly.

Available in a variety of styles including Vans, Short & Long Dropsides, and tipper versions, with light alloy dropsides and tailboard, all with a modern design. On the long platform version, the load bed boasts a usable length of nearly 2m with a maximum load capacity of over 800 Kg. Fully tailored body solutions including Gullwings are offered and the Ape TM is also available with both handlebar steering, which is ideal for rural use, and wheel steering, for city and extra urban use.

Your urban transport needs answered in one vehicle with ultra economical engine technology and the simplicity which maximises uptime.