APE Classic


The Iconic Ape Classic - For that ultimate statement

A genuine legend on three wheels is back: Ape Classic, an icon of Italian design and style. Attractive retro styling complements a vehicle with outstanding technical characteristics: compact dimensions and a load capacity of 700 Kg, the Ape Classic comes with a standard 1.9m long Dropside body. For those who want more, we are able to construct and fit virtually any type of body you may require, including Gullwing designs for those who seek protection of their load and ease of access to it when stationary.

Ape Classic: embodying everything that made the Ape a worldwide legend.

Calessino - Moving your passengers around in style

The latest Calessino 200 is now available here in the UK, boasting a new 4 stroke petrol engine and new designs that set your pulses racing and sets you out from the crowd.

Retro chic has never been personified as much as it has with the new model, with its capacity to seat 2 passengers in comfort come rain or shine that is sure to put a smile on everyone's face come the point of arrival.

Economical whilst being environmentally friendly, the Calessino 200 is a piece of Italian flair designed to best represent your business and the values it holds dear. Quirky yet retro, fashionable yet practical, the Calessino is everything you require and so much more.

Available in a range of colours and total personalisation, the Calessino and all APE models are only ever limited by the extent of your imagination.