APE, Tuk Tuk, 3 wheeler
Against the backdrop of todays modern small vans comes the opportunity to be daring and different amidst a sea of mediocrity with the latest Piaggio APE vehicles; limited by only your imagination. Cost effective and environmentally friendly, these vehicles are more than just a operational delight, they are a marketing delight too. If you want your business noticed, then its time to "Go Ape"

Our conversion portfolio allows you to take the standard vehicles and have it tailored into your own bespoke vehicle that best serves your clients and your business. From a simple van that carries as much as 700kgs through a range of dropsides and tippers to a unique gullwing body with the internals designed to meet your own exacting requirements, this is flexibility personified.

You have the operational challenge, we have the solution.

Dare to be Different and lets "Go Ape"